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About Me

My name is Sharon Wang, a New York based mixed-methods UX researcher, with a specialization in qualitative methods. I am currently working at the software innovation team at OPPO New York, and previously at American Express and OnePlus.

With a background in psychology, I have always been intrigued by the complexities of the human mind and behavior. This fascination led me to pursue a career in UX research, where I have had the privilege of working with international clients on projects related to Generative AI, global partnerships, product innovation, etc. I am particularly proud that several of my projects have been honored with prestigious international design awards, including IXDA, Good Design Award, IF award, and A’Design Award.



UX Researcher

2022.7 – 2023.9
New York

OPPO is a top 5 global smartphone company with 600M MAU. I worked as the sole researcher in the global software team, focusing on strategic and partnership projects.

  • Led 5+ survey studies and 15+ evaluative sessions, which resulted in actionable insights on user needs and pain points as well as prioritized feature roadmaps.

  • Collaborated with frog on a strategic research project, utilizing the DVF (Desirability, Viability, Feasibility) framework to prioritize use cases and innovation opportunities.

  • Performed a strategic analysis to integrate Generative AI into ColorOS while exploring partnership opportunities with Microsoft and Google, laying the groundwork for future collaboration with these industry leaders.

  • Streamlined UXR practice by implementing the Usertesting platform and optimizing participant recruitment, resulting in an 80% acceleration of the recruiting process.

American Express

UX Researcher
2022.3 – 2022.6
New York

​I worked as the dedicated researcher for the Kabbage Insights team, which provides financial management services to small and mid-sized enterprises.

  • Performed competitor analysis for Kabbage Insights, delivering recommendations to optimize key screens and flows. Presented findings to cross-functional teams, including 2 VPs, achieving high recognition.

  • Ran 10+ interviews with small/mid-sized enterprises on their cash flow management habits to uncover needs, pain points and opportunities for feature innovation.


UX Researcher
2020.3 – 2022.3
New York

OnePlus is a smartphone brand known for premium devices and a fast and smooth OS.

  • Led the end-to-end UX research for 2 innovative products from early stage generative studies to evaluative usability testings, which are recognized as 15 best Android apps by Android Police and the 5 most innovative tech by ZDNet in 2021.

  • Applied mixed methods (interviews, focus groups, surveys, concept testing, usability testing, etc.) and synthesized data from internal and external sources to inform product decisions.

  • Ran 10+ collaborative workshops with product managers, designers, and developers to generate product ideas, using frameworks like Crazy 8s and Jobs To Be Done.

Developed data dashboards to track product performance, which helped to identify critical drop-off points and reduce the drop-off rates by 11% after an iteration.

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