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Year: 2020-2021

Team: OnePlus

Role: Product Designer

Responsibility: Ideation, Concept Design, Concept Validation

Clipt is a seamless clipboard which creates a link between all of your devices to increase productivity. Users can seamlessly and safely send text, photos, and files over the cloud by synchronizing your clipboard. It’s as easy as copy on one device and paste on another and works in the background.


A growing need in cross-device information transfer

During the pandemic, increasing number of people start to work from home. OnePlus users always feel annoyed to send zoom links, photos, and files to their laptop or tablet from their Android based devices or vice versa.

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Yichen Wang - Portfolio.006.jpeg
How do you send text on your desktop to your phone?
How do you get a photo from your phone to a laptop?
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Create a seamless information transfer experience across all devices in different ecosystems.

Build something like “Airdrop” across Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, etc.

Flow 1:
Send text



The Send Button should be easy to access with one step after copying the text. We come up with 3 places across the OS. We retain all the 3 option after several rounds of discussion and testing, since each of them have their pros and cons.


Notification Center

  • Easy to access

  • Not a common place to locate bottoms, which requires some learning from users

Homepage within Clipt

  • Align with users’ mental model

  • Users need to leave the current running app and open the Clipt app

Quick Control

  • Easy to access

  • Need to set up. The settings are different for various OEM OS

Flow 2:
Send Images & Files

Entry Point 1

Enter from Gallery, send through Share Menu

Yichen Wang - Portfolio.016.jpeg

Entry Point 2

In order to let users send multiple photos and files at once from the Clipt app, we add a FAB button on the homepage. It jumps to the File Manager once click.

Yichen Wang - Portfolio.017.jpeg

Flow 3:

Challenge - 1

How to make sure users install both an app and a desktop extension on two different devices successfully during the onboarding process? The Clipt doesn’t work if fails to be installed on either device.

Solution - 1

We streamlined the 2 different user flows, from mobile and from desktop, in order to build an exclusive map including all the possible cases users might encounter during installation.

Challenge - 2

After launch of the first version, we noticed from the user data that there is a high drop off rate(30.3%)during the onboarding process. We conduct usability testing to figure out the reason why people drop off on the two following pages and made some iterations accordingly.

Testing & Iteration

The highest drop-off happens on the two screens marked below.


After the iteration, the total drop-off during onboarding decreased by 15%.

Final Design



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Android Police 4.png
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