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Remote Brainstorming Optimization



Workshop Facilitation

Optimized and streamlined the process of remote brainstorming workshops; Identified the criteria for idea evaluation.

Year: 2020

Team: OnePlus

Role: Lead UX Researcher

Research Type: UXR Process


Remote brainstorming is hard

Running a brainstorming workshop is a challenge during COVID. We conducted two online brainstorming sessions, but they didn't yield the same level of engagement and outcomes we were used to from in-person meetings.

In order to enhance the efficiency and engagement of remote brainstorming workshops, I began by interviewing team members to understand their past experiences with in-person workshops and comparing with the current remote workshops.


The Problem I found from interviews

Idea generation process​

Idea evaluation process​


What I did to solve the problems in the 2 processes

Idea generation process​

Idea evaluation process​


What I learned from this project


Creating and sending out a detailed agenda in advance can make the session more organized and get the team prepared.


Plan for the unplanned. Leave some flexible time in the agenda.


Keep it short. Nobody likes to be on Zoom for hours.

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