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Spotify AOD

Year: 2021

Team: OnePlus

Role: Product Designer

Responsibility: Ideation, Concept Design, Concept Validation

The smart Spotify Always-On-Display (AOD) is a new feature on ColorOS13. The integration of Spotify services on AOD allows users to know what Spotify content is currently playing simply by glancing at the AOD and double-clicking on the music control panel, without the need to wake the device up. 


We wanted to collaborate with Spotify to improve the user experience of music listening on OPlus devices.

Inspired from our latest technology

Our new AON technology is able to detect people’s glance at the screen. When people look at the screen from different angles, the phone can trigger different interactions.

Concepting Process


Create a smart control panel on the AOD. Using the AON the device will detect eye contact from 80-160°  and expand to include a media control player and contextual suggestions. The users will not need to pick up and unlock the phone to change music, but can expand the control panel just at a glance.

Setting up Flow

Since not all users will have the Spotify service available on their phone, we need to think through how to guide users who did not install or sign into Spotify to finish the setting up process, in order to use this feature on our devices.

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